About Us


So… What is The Cresmond File?

The brand was established by me, Dave (pictured below) in early 2020. Initially established for a creative outlet bootstrapped out of my bedroom, it has grown into far more than I ever believed and is something I am still blown away by. 

The Cresmond File is a surfwear accessories label heavily inspired by vintage trends in surf and skate culture. We add our own unique twist on the rad styles that have come before us. All products are designed for the punters, to look and feel rad while cruising through life with us. 

At Cresmond we don't take ourselves too seriously. We’re all about that hedonistic lifestyle, indulging in what’s important – surfing, skating, mates, beers, live music, all nighters, road trips, old surf films...and well, you get the point.

This is a community and you're all invited! Come along and join the file, where good times are guaranteed.